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 Forum Rules 1.0

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PostSubject: Forum Rules 1.0   Tue Dec 23, 2008 4:50 pm

Forum Rules 1.0
Last Update (12/24/08


In this topic the official forum rules are posted. All of us at SmallWords Community expect you to follow the rules. Anyone breaking the rules will be warned and if a serious rule is broken the member will be banned from SmallWorlds Community. Make sure you read over all the rules and understand them completely.

If you see anyone breaking these rules use the "Report Post" icon in the top corner of the post. It looks like a ! mark.

1.SmallWorlds Community
2. General Forum Rules
3. PM System and Graphics

1.SmallWorlds Community:
SmallWorlds is not liable for the advertisements displayed on the forum. These are automatic advertisements and we can NOT control the content they display. DO NOT share any personal information. Any personal information that you give is your responsibility not ours and we are not liable for anything caused by breaking this rule.

2.General Forum Rules:

- Swearing, This is a community for all SmallWorlds fans thus I ask that there is limited to no swearing. Some words might not be considered swear words but if you think you shouldn’t say it then don’t.

-Spamming, SmallWorlds Community has no tolerance for spamming. Spamming is when you make post not relevant to the topic posted in or you just post quick to get up your post count. (THIS RULE DOES NOT APPLY IN THE FORUM GAMES SECTION) Please use the correct forums to the best of your ability.

-Respect, I ask you respect everyone on the forum. This also means coporating with SmallWorlds Staff (Moderators/Administrators) etc. Any unacceptable behavior towards staff or other members will NOT be tolerated.

-Illegal Activity, SmallWorlds Community does not and will not support Illegal Activity. Anyone who breaks this rule will be banned and if serious authorities will be contacted.

-Posting, The posting of inapropriate material is not acceptable and will not be tolerated on this forum. This includes pornographic material, exsessive violent pictures or videos,

Do not advertise for other Websites unless told you may do so.

3.Pm System and Graphics, The PM system (So you can send messages to people on the forum,) located at the top next to the profile and blog button is currently enabled..Which means that all members can use it. DO NOT abuse this privilege and if it is abused we have to option to get rid of it.
If someone is breaking the rules or is harassing you on the PM System please take a screen pic and or let a staff member know. You also can block them by going to their profile.

-The number one rule is to use your common sense. If you think that you shouldn’t do something then you really shouldn’t do it.

Will be updated….
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Forum Rules 1.0
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